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AuSable River Mouth
East Tawas
Floyd Lake
Foote Pond
Londo Lake
Long Lake
Round Lake
Sand Lake
Tawas Lake
Tawas River
Van Ettan Lake
Whirlpool AuSable River
AuSable Marina
440 S State St - Oscoda
( 989) 739-0392
Bunyan Town
4494 N. US-23 - Oscoda
(989) 739-2371
East Tawas State Dock
East Tawas
(989) 362-2731
Jerry's Marina
542 Tawas Beach Road - East Tawas
(989) 362-8641
Northeast Michigan Marine
470 S State St - Oscoda
(989) 739-4411
Tawas Bay Condominium Marina
939 West Lake Street - Tawas City
(989) 362-3595
East Tawas State Dock
Visitors to the Tawases will find a safe — and breathtakingly beautiful — harbor at the East Tawas State Dock.

The 140-slip marina (60 seasonal and 80 transient slips) is located on Tawas Bay. The first-class marina draws boaters from across the state. Amenities include a boat launch, new toilet/shower building, dock office, playground/park, water, electricity, garbage pick-up and recycling. There's also a swimming beach just south of the dock.

But the East Tawas State Dock is more than just a marina — it has become a gathering point for local festivals and events. It's convenient and scenic location at the foot of the Newman Street Shopping District in East Tawas, is a natural draw for visitors.

“There's 500 feet of dock for visitors to walk along, grab an ice cream and then enjoy the scenery on one of several benches,” said Chuck Allen, park and recreation supervisor for the Tawas Point State Park.
Bay Sail - Appledore Tall Ship Adventures
107 5th Street - Bay City
(989) 895-5193
summer dates vary, dinner & sunset sailing
Charity Island Transport
3676 E. Huron Road - AuGres
(517) 579-3182
AuSable River Queen Paddleboat
1775 West River Road - Oscoda
(989) 739-7351
ArrowsHeritage Coast Sailing & Rowing
Heritage Coast Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Inc.
(989) 460-2642
Rowing, Sailing, Building

The Heritage-23 (H-23) is available and the Penobscot-14 (P-14) will soon be available to row. They will be located in slip 102 at the East Tawas State dock and are available for rowers from 5am to 7pm, six days a week. (Wednesday is maintenance day). The H-23 requires a crew of 5 and the P-14 can accommodate a crew of 1, 2 or 3. Membership is easy and inexpensive, but is required for insurance purposes. rowing program info

The Heritage-23 (H-23) is available and the Penobscot-14 (P-14) will soon be available to sail. We have a limited sailing program in 2013, but plan to focus on Sailing in 2014. The 2013 Sailing Program is for experienced sailors because we currently do not have the capability to provide classes. Classes will be available in 2014. Again, membership is easy and inexpensive, but required for insurance purposes. sailing program info

There are three building programs for 2013: completing the P-14, Summer Oar, Mast, Boom, Yard, and Gaff program; and Building a Heritage 23 starting in September.

  • P-14 Completion:
    will be finished by mid-June and the boat put in service as a rowing boat.
  • Summer Oars and Spars:
    Build the mast, boom and gaff for the Penobscot 14 (kit)
    Make two masts, 2 yards and 2 booms for the H-23 to be built in the winter
    Make oars (5) for the H-23 to be built in the winter
  • Winter Build Program: Build a Heritage 23
    All of the material is here and we are ready to start when September rolls around. We have another H-23 to build when the September boat is done.

Membership is easy and for builders, very inexpensive, but required for insurance purposes. Builders are the source of the boats that the program uses. building program info

ArrowsTawas Bay J/22 Fleet #44
J/22 Fleet Tawas Bay J/22 Fleet #44
Fleet Captain: Chris Princing - email

J/22 Fleet

Sailboat racing on Tawas Bay goes back to the days of the lumber schooners. Our fleet is located at Tawas Bay Yacht Club. Our goal is to promote sailing on Tawas Bay, while also exposing people to the charms of East Tawas and Tawas City. Our fleet hosts a couple of regattas each year, and occasionally (like in 2012) we host a Major championship.

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