Tawas Area Biking

Huron Lakeshore

This paved trail follows US -23 along the lakeshore from Alabaster Road, south of Tawas City, over 10 miles through Tawas and East Tawas to Tawas Point Lighthouse at Tawas Point State Park. The trail is wooded at both its start and finish, but totally open in the middle with great views everywhere.
New Tawas Bike Path Map
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Eagle Run

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Tawas Bay Triathlon

An incredible venue and course along Tawas Bay make for an amazing triathlon in September. Watch the sun rise before the start of the race and enjoy the crisp, pine-scented air perfect for biking, swimming and running. Choose your own level of racing intensity. The event includes a beachside party with volleyball, bonfire, food, drinks, movies and fun.

Pedestrian & Bike Path

A beautiful non-motorized path for walking or biking, this fully paved trails winds 13.5 miles from Alabaster Township all the way to Tawas Point State Park. The bike path also features a trail head 1.5 miles north of the Singing Bridge.

Tawas Bike Path

Tawas Area Pedestrian & Bike Path (Great Getaways)