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Lumberman's Monument

The Lumberman’s Monument was erected in 1931 as a lasting memorial to the lumbermen that harvested Michigan’s giant white pine. A 14 foot bronze statue overlooks the beautiful Au Sable River. The three figures represent various stages of the historic lumbering operation. In the center, the timber cruiser holds a compass, to his left, a sawyer holds an ax and cross-cut saw. On the right, is the river rat using a peavey.

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Iosco County Historical Museum

405 W. Bay Street - East Tawas
(989) 362-3514
This beautiful home, over 100 years old, is filled with memories from all corners of the county. Renovations were recently completed inside and out. Artifacts and exhibits include local industry, families, culture and traditions. All this along with a fresh new approach to presenting and preserving local history by the losco County Historical Society have made it so much more than "just" a Museum.

River Road National Scenic Byway

The 22-mile River Road National Scenic Byway parallels the fabled Au Sable River. The river provided a westward route into the heart of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula for Native Americans and French fur trappers, loggers and fishermen. The river also served as the main eastward artery for loggers during northern Michigan’s “white pine era,” floating huge numbers of logs downstream each spring to sawmills on the shores of Lake Huron.
Today, the Au Sable River is still a major water route in this region, used by nature enthusiasts for a variety of recreational uses. Visitors enjoy views of lush upland and lowland forests, high-bank vistas, and vast watery impoundments for fishing and other recreational activities. The presence of a series of hydroelectric dams interrupt the river’s flow, while adding other aspects of interest for many.
Three monuments mark the historic nature of the waterway — Canoers' Memorial, honoring those who paddled this great river; Lumberman’s Monument, a tribute to those who labored in the surrounding forests; and the Kiwanis Monument, commemorating the efforts of private citizens to reforest the state’s lands.

Iargo Springs

A stunning stop along the Scenic Byway is Iargo Springs, featuring an interpretive kiosk and a series of springs bursting from the sandy banks of the Au Sable River in the form of small waterfalls. The springs are tucked under a canopy of hemlock, pine, and maple near the river. There is a wonderful boardwalk at the springs, which are reached by descending a multitude of stairs.
A historical fact: The springs were used as a drinking water source since pre-settlement times, when dams were constructed on the springs by early loggers before the turn of the century. The dams were useful in diverting water to the logging camps nearby.

Maritime Attractions

Tawas Point Lighthouse

Tawas Point State Park’s expansive day-use beach offers acres of glistening white sugar sand, sprinkled with patches of dune grass and backed by low dunes on the Lake Huron side. The jewel of the park is Tawas Point Lighthouse, built in 1876.

It is the only working model of Victorian-era light stations still in operation on the Great Lakes; and to walk through this historic structure and ascend its winding iron staircase is truly to step back in time.

Tawas Point State Park
Michigan DNR

Map - Tawas Point State Park
Michigan DNR


Video: Tawas Lighthouse
Tawas, MI

U.S. Coast Guard Station Tawas

600 Lighthouse Road - East Tawas
(989) 362-4429

Cultural Attractions

Tawas Bay Players

401 Newman St. | East Tawas
(989) 362-8373

Kiwanis Monument

Monument Road - 4 Miles North of Corsair Ski Trails

The Kiwanis Monument, established in 1931, honors the Kiwanis of Michigan, who donated 7,000,000 red pine seedings planted by U.S. Forest Service crews from 1928 to 1930.

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Tawas Community Concert Band

3256 Knute Rd.
East Tawas, MI
(989) 739-4430

Wiltz End

1334-A E. Huron St.| East Tawas
(989) 820-5257

Local Attractions

Tawas Blueberry Farm

838 Leggett Rd. - Tawas City
(989) 362-4638


Huron Hockey & Skating Association

Tawas City


Iosco County Fair

Iosco County Fairgrounds - Hale


Whittemore Speedway

On M-65; 3.2 Miles South of M-55 - Whittemore
(989) 756-2280


Sunrise Side Wine & Hops Trail

Michigan's Sunrise Side Wine & Hops Trail entices thousands of visitors each year to experience over a dozen wineries, locally crafted brewmeisters, and attractions.


Sunrise Side Animal Park

1220 Kobs Rd. - Tawas City
(989) 362-3660

Family Theatre

132 Newman Street
East Tawas, MI 48730
(989) 362-2151


Sunrise Bowling Center

444 W Lake St. - Tawas City
(989) 362-8080